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Consistency in governance will boost development of power sector –Engr Anyaeji

Weight down by many issues, many people and institutions, especially still doubt the future of the nation’s power sector. In this interview with TOLA AKINMUTIMI, the Chairman of the Electric Power Foundation of Nigeria, Engineer Otis Anyaeji painted a vivid picture of development, problems and prospect of the sector in the coming years. As a key player in the power sector, how would describe the implementation of President Goodluck Jonathan’s Roadmap on power? Well, as far as I am concerned, the government is doing much more than what the roadmap contains, because the Roadmap is not really just what power sector roadmap. It is power sector reform roadmap. Even at that, the government is doing more than that and the private sector is doing more than that already. That is why we have always said that there must be a power sector development roadmap that goes over far and above the power sector reform and addresses all other issues of development of the sector. As I said earlier,