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NSE Inaugurates Giri Branch as Engr (Mrs) Aishatu Umar Becomes its First Chairperson

The Nigerian Society of Engineers under the leadership of Engr Otis Anyaeji FNSE has inaugurated Giri Branch of NSE today in Abuja. The ceremony which was held at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Abuja this morning also included the investiture of the First Chairman (Chairperson), Engr (Mrs) Aishatu Umar, FNSE. Various dignitaries attended the event, led by the President of Council for the Regulation of Engineering COREN, Engr Khasim Ali. Others are Engr Kunle Mokuolu, Deputy President, NSE, Engr Babagana Muhammad, Vice President, Registrar COREN, Engr Kamila Wapa FNSE among others.

It would be observed that the NSE operated in States as Branches while it also has Divisions which are specialized arms of the Engineering bodies. Giri Branch hence swelling the numbers of the Branches in the country to 63.

About Engr Aishatu Umar

Engineer Aishatu A. Umar was born in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State on the 12th August, 1971. She had Bachelor in Civil Engineering at the University of Maiduguri and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management at the famous University of Ile-Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife, Osun State. She is presently pursuing her Masters in Management at the Nigerian Turkish Nile University, Abuja, Nigeria.

Mama Exco or Walahitalai as she is fondly called among her well wishers is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE), Member of the Association of Professional Women Engineers APWEN, Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria and a Registered Engineer with Council for the Regulation of Engineers in Nigeria COREN.

Engr. Aishatu A. Umar, who is currently working with Federal Housing Authority as an Assistant Chief Civil Engineer is an easy going, quite but an intelligent Woman. She is very active within the professional bodies, and has offered numerous wonderful input in the the development of engineering over the years. She has attended many local and international conferences, seminars, training and workshops. She has been a member of NSE Executives at the national level since 2008, which makes her to be widely experienced in Committee's and Boards. Her service to her Division NICE cannot be underestimated where she rose to the position of National Vice Chairman in 2014. She has also served Abuja Branch of NSE and Civil Engineering Division (NICE)  at Abuja in various capacities.

Mrs Aishatu Umar once said and I quote; "My mission to NSE & other professional bodies is solely dedicated to the provision of quality service aimed at enhancing professional competence and development of its Members at all times. To relate with, promote & cooperate with similar professional Organizations in making NSE a world renowned body which will be a pride to us". 
Walahitalai is married to a very supporting husband and they are blessed with lovely Children.

Engr Adeniran Ibitoye, Osogbo Branch Chairman, Engr Khashim Ali, COREN President and ENgr Kunle Mokuole NSE Deputy President after the event.

Engr Robbie James, Owivry, NICE National Chairman, ENgr Khashim ALi, COREN President, ENgr Otis Anyaeji NSE President, Engr Kunle Mokuolu NSE Deputy President 

Courtesy visit to the VC University of Abuja before the event..

Message from NSE Osogbo Branch, Chairman
When we look at what you have achieved, it inspired us to be like you. You have always been "happening sorts" Great, you made it happen again.
You said No to all comforts, You said No to all distractions, Your FOCUS defines the word. Your planning was perfect, your partnerships were exemplary, your execution was flawless.You are the star of the family. May you achieve more as the 1st Giri Branch Chairman.
Congratulations our own Aishatu, You made it. Reaching to this milestone wasn’t an easy task but you did it. It’s not a dream anymore, it’s a reality. Congratulations for getting what you really wanted.
You are a path breaker. We are so proud of you........On behalf of Osogbo Branch, I say Heartiest congratulations on your Investiture which will come up on Tuesday 12th January, 2016 at University of Abuja (Main Campus).
Engr. Hon. Ibitoye Kilomodemo, MNSE, FNIMechE, KLM
Chairman, Osogbo Branch.


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