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The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), in collaboration with some Nigerian researchers, have developed automotive brake-pads from palm kernel shells. BINTA SHAMA writes Knowledge is Power Nigeria is a great country and her citizens in twined with the good things of life. It is often said that any automobile produced in any part of the world will likely be on Nigeria roads within the shortest period. Palm kernel shells, which an average Nigerian farmer considers as waste and ‘throws into the fire’ as fuel, may soon be an expensive commodity, as the country has successfully turned it into raw materials for brake pads, a motor part. In most of our villages, palm kernel shells were used for heating purposes, you burn them. But this research has shown that it can be used to make brake pad as the friction material, and it has shown very good results which makes it more exciting. The overall aim is to meet the massive market demand for brake pads on daily basis