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Orlu Engineers to Honour Foundation Member of NSE, HRH Eze R. A. Obioha at Distinguished Lecture

At a time Nigerian Engineers were massively discriminated against by the colonial masters who whose policy is to place local engineers under the services of British technicians, with a lot of outcry that led to many senior engineers exiting the civil services; a group of young radical engineers who had been trained abroad, met in London to consider the formation of a pressure group and a professional body. Since its formation in England in 1958 under the leadership of Engr Olateju Oyeleye and Engr. Chief G.O. Aiwereoba, Nigerian Society of Engineers has since become the largest body of engineers in Africa with over 70 Branches and over 25 Divisions. On February, 2018, it marked its 60 years of its founding. Among the young engineers who were the founding members of the NSE in London is HRH R. A. Obioha (now a king in Orlu), the only living member of the original founding members. On February, 2018, NSE marked its 60 years of its founding. The Orlu Branch of the NSE

China Focus: Chinese students return from abroad with startup fever

Li Huiyu gave up a chance to work for one of America's leading genomics companies, instead returning to China to work for a startup in 2017, the same year he graduated from Stanford University's engineering school. "I like new challenges, responsibility and leading a team forward," Li said. "I hope what I learned can contribute to my country," Li said. He noticed computer science was popular among school children in the United States. His team, Mobby iCode, now aims to provide high-quality coding courses to children in China. The experience of studying abroad appears to give Chinese students a more open-minded attitude about startups, according to a survey published earlier this week. While only 9 percent of those who had yet to study overseas planned to start a business, the number grew significantly to 49 percent among those who had completed overseas courses, according to the survey. Sun Haotian, also a Stanford graduate, is another examp

NIMechE Ilorin Explores “Pyrolysis Oil, as an Alternative Source of Fuel Energy

Ever thought of what it is like to have more alternatives to Crude Oil? A Researcher, Engr. Jimoh Ajani Olanrewaju of kwara State Polytechnics seems to have an answer as he presented his ongoing research on; “Pyrolysis Oil, An Alternative Source of Fuel Energy” during the NIMechE Ilorin Technical Session in April. Drawing his raw material from waste tyres, Engr Jimoh demonstrated the potential in the process and how it can be a veritable source of energy in a world that is increasingly yearning for cleaner energy. Pyrolysis oil is a liquid substance obtained in pyrolysis process and subsequent cooling. It is a complex blends of molecules usually consisting more than 200 different compounds resulting from the depolymerisation of products treated in pyrolysis. Pyrolysis oil remain interesting source of bio-chemicals and renewable compounds that meet significant market interest. Billionof tyres are produced globally each year with the attendant environmental challenges. Oil and G


At the instance of the Kaduna Chapter, NIMechE paid a historic advocacy visit to the Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) on Wednesday, 9th May 2018. The Institution was greeted to the warm reception of the NDA Commandant, Maj. Gen. A. Oyebade, and his motley number of Deputy Commandants, top management and faculty officers of the Academy. On the NIMechE delegation, is the National Chairman, Engr. Dr. Robinson I.Ejilah, the Kaduna Chapter Chairman, Engr. Dr. S.O. Yakubu, some senior mechanical engineers – such as, our venerable Engr. B.K. Muhammad, Engr. Ezekiel Ayuba and other members of NIMechE, Kaduna Chapter. After the introduction of the delegation, and opening formalities typical to such meetings by the Kaduna Chapter Chairman, the National Chairman, Dr. Ejilah, congratulated the new Commandant of the Academy for his well- deserved appointment and assumption of official duties in October, 2017. He also conveyed NIMechE’s gratitude to the NDA’s Management team for providin