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There is a say; what you don’t have you can not give out, what you have in abundant is what you can give out, this is also applicable to our power sector, the power they don’t have they cannot supply out to the nation, how can we now tackle this shortage of power so that we can have enough power and the citizen will continue to enjoy their right of having steady electricity? During the time of our former president late Umaru Musa Yaradua he tried to target 6000MW so that our supply of electricity can improve, but the sad thing is that we are still struggling and we have not met the target of the aforementioned figure since. What are the things to do reach and surpass this targeted figure? Firstly, lets analyze the statistics of each capacity of generation station in MW and the sum total of the output of all the generation stations in Nigeria, also we are going to show the consumption rate from the consumers. The power station that were built those days can’t meet the demand of

world is getting advanced day by day, things are getting smart.- Ahmed Ayinla

Ahmed Ayinla, popularly called  “the Creative Engineprenuer” is Deputy Zonal Coordinator SouthWest NICESA. He spoke with Isqil Najim on the forthcoming smatcity Summit organised by the Student wing of Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, South West, and other things.  Isqil Najim: Tell me a bit about you? Ahmed Ayinla: My name is Ahmed Ayobami AYINLA, I'm currently a fresh Civil Engineering graduate of the prestigious Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta Ogun State. I love innovative and creative ideas and I like to relate them with engineering and politics that is why I was nicknamed “the Creative Engineprenuer”. I so much believe in the influence of engineering in National development as it drives infrastructure and thereby enhance the nation's economy. This is the reason why I have chosen to be an advocate of engineering in politics, creative design thinking and innovative solutions. I have also attended series of programs and presented papers in this rega

It's not what you get after serving but rather who you become after serving that matters

It's not what you get after serving but rather who you become after serving that matters It's with a great heart of appreciation to God and that definite sense of fulfillment that I announce the end of our administration, Lawal Richard seun Led Administration (NSF 7th Generation) and our successful handover. The achievement of this administration is one that can not be forgotten in a hurry because of its various landmark achievements which definitely is a challenge to the new administration even though I am sure they can beat it. Among many things, we held three regional tech summit in Nigeria all ladies Tech Summit (the first of its kind ever) and also the International Conference which were also used as an avenue to encourage more female participation in Engineering. We also had a National CAD training across our chapters (first of its kind in NSF) which produced various CAD experts across Nigeria. We went further out of our institutions to organized a bookdrive (Mentor