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Report on Nationwide Campaign Against Corruption by The Nigerians Society of Engineers (NSE)

The Nigerian Society of Engineers – NSE is a National Member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations – WFEO and has been participating in all programmes of WFEO.
In April, 2009, WFEO Committee on Anti-Corruption organized its world-wide workshop in Tunis - Tunisia on “Ethics and Business Integrity Management and Procurement”. The design of the workshop was to train- the –trainers on how to avoid corruption on construction projects.The workshop was co-sponsored by the American Bar Association through the World Justice Project and supported by: The Global ACET Project The Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) The Federation of Internationale des ingenieurs Conseil (FIDIC). The Nigerian Society of Engineers sponsored 5 eminent members of the society to be trained so as to impact the knowledge on all members of the society and the general public in Nigeria. In June, 2009, the President of NSE constituted a Trainers Group on Anti-Corruption to …