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University of Uyo officially a NIMechE Family as it organised Students’ Inaugural Lecture

NIMECHE UYO 1In other to ensure professional development of all students across all institutions of higher learning offering Mechanical Engineering, NIMechE inaugurates student wings called “National Students Forum” across institutions to easily get across to student, ensure their professional development and mentorship during their school days. NIMechE has inaugurated several student chapters. And the recent one to be so inaugurated is University of Uyo in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
Miss Glory Essien, the Pacesetter
The event was declared opened by Blessing Ekpo, after which the guests were introduced and usher on the high table to signal the official commencement of the event at the fully packed PTDF Auditorium of the University. Chairing the Event was the NIMechE Akwa Ibom Chapter Chairman, Engr. Ekerete Usak MNSE MNIMechE MASSE with Engr. Dr. Obotowo W. Obot and Engr. Youngson. N. Ukaru delivering the inaugural lecture.
Also on around are Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering University of Uyo, Dr. Donatus K. Uko FNSE, Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) Akwa Ibom Chapter, the Staff Adviser, Mechanical Engineering Department University of Uyo among others.
D. K. UKO Welcomed all and expressed enthusiasm at the prospect staring at the students as they take a step toward interacting with professional association in thei journey to engineering professionalism. He expressed gratitude to the
He appreciated the turnout of students to the inauguration of the new students’ Chapter, he charged students to take full advantages the Institution will offer them.
In his Opening Remarks, Engr. Ekerette Usak MNSE, MNIMechE, MASSE, The Chairman of NIMechE Akwa Ibom, thanked the Head of Department Mechanical Engineering and University of Uyo for working hard to see that NIMechE berth in the University of Uyo. He thanked the inaugural lecturer and other lecturers present for their contributions in building and ensuring the Professional development of the future engineers. He also thanked the invited guest for coming to witness the inauguration.
He reminded everyone of the great works put in since the idea of this inauguration was conceived even after several failed inauguration attempts in 2013 and 2014. He urged all students to register and develop themselves career wise to meet up with the challenges of the technological developing world.
He also urged and pleaded with all Practicing Nigerian Mechanical Engineers to engage, and develop the young student engineers, bring them together and chart a course to better themselves, the State and he nation at large.
“The Genesis of NIMechE Uyo students’ Chapter started with Miss Glory Essien when she met the then National Student President at the 2013 Nigerian Society of Engineers Annual Conference at the International Conference Centre Abuja. She was the only Mechanical Engineering student that attended the Conference from her department that year.
The quest for students’ Chapter in the University of Uyo began few weeks after the conference from constant talks, and convincing from the then National President, telling her of the benefits of being a student member, having a Student Chapter in her school and the roles NIMechE plays as a professional body. She worked tirelessly with two MESA Exco administrations (2013/2014 and 2014/2015) to see to the realization of NIMechE UNI-UYO STUDENTS’ CHAPTER.
During the Presentation of the Genesis of the Uyo students’ Chapter, brief History of the National Students’ Forum and its benefits were also read out by Glory Essien to all present at the Inauguration.
The lecture titled The Role of Mechanical Engineering in National Development was eloquently delivered by the highly regarded Mechanical Engineering Senior Lecturer. He addressed the history, objective of the Mechanical Engineering program, areas of specializations and career opportunities and the policy as it applies to the Mechanical Engineering prospects and challenges.
The Akwa Ibom Chapter Chairman first addressed the gathering intimating them on the importance of the occasion. The Chapter chairman then carried out the inauguration for the University of Uyo NIMechE Students’ Chapter. An oath of office was administered on the Student Chapter President Atansanga Bassey Akpan as the Pioneer President NIMechE University of Uyo Students’ Chapter. The student Executive members also took their oath of office.
The former President Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA), Mr. Idongesit Bassey thanked the Head of Department Mechanical Engineering, NIMechE Akwa Ibom Chapter chairman, inaugural lecturer, Staff Adviser, NIMechE University of Uyo Chapter President, invited guests and all those who found time to attend the event for their contributions towards having a successful inauguration.


  1. It was really a dream come true. Thank you NIMechE-NSF. Long live NIMechE Uniuyo chapter, long live NIMechE- Akwa Ibom state chapter, long live NIMechE....we'll keep the flag flying. CHEERS!!!

  2. Nice one but then we still need more support to grow


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