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Why President Trump Needs an Engineering Adviser by G. Pascal Zachary

We get that you find scientists—despite their amazing feats of discovery and selfless pursuit of new knowledge—too ideological, independent, and consumed by contentious claims about climate. So like the last Republican president, you will probably go a long time before selecting a science adviser (George W. Bush had been in the White House over seven months before he chose a physicist). Here’s a bold idea: Why not break with tradition and do without a science adviser? Why not choose an engineering adviser instead? Engineers make things work, and keep them working, which is exactly what you need to succeed. While you’re skeptical of elites, there’s a lot to like about engineers. They build stuff, they don’t just talk about it. Engineers embrace action, not theory. They possess a sense of urgency befitting your own taste for haste. And like you, they find scientists too condescending and credit grabbing. Engineers do brag, of course, but usually only after their creations

Fire Safety Engineering by Agbili Martins

Standard fire safety design guides (such as Approved Document B or NFPA 101 or the National Fire Safey Code of Nigeria) can be overly restrictive on the design of buildings, especially for innovative or unusual building designs. Fire Safety Engineering offers an alternative approach that focuses on ensuring that the design is safe from fire, rather than just ensuring that it complies with a particular design document. For example, if an assembly hall has an occupancy of up to 1000 people, Approved Document would state that a total exit width of 5m should be provided (with the largest exit discounted). However, there is no flexibility on that, and if it is not possible to provide 5m of exit width, there is a problem. Fire safety engineering offers an alternative approach. For example, introducing smoke extraction could delay the rate that the smoke builds up which would allow a longer evacuation without compromising safety. Combining smoke modelling with evacuation an

‘How to solve Nigeria’s oil industry woes’ by Emeka Okwuosa Emeka Okwuosa is the chairman of Oilserve Group, which is into power, oil exploration and production and farming. He spoke with JOSEPH JIBUEZE and NNEKA NWANERI of The Nation on various issues affecting Oil and Gas. How can Nigeria survive the oil price plunge? I’ll give you a background to oil price drop. It is a normal thing. Oil is a natural resource that we mine or drill through a process. When you talk about oil production and utilisation, you talk about a global phenomenon. We apply the basic knowledge of economics here. When you have production and consumption, you try to match them. When production becomes higher than consumption, you have a glut of the product. So, what you have is a drop in price. When consumption at anytime is higher than production, you have a squeeze, which leads to oil price increase. I can tell you that the current drop in oil price is the fourth cycle I’ve

Check that unsafe act! By Olawale Oyedokun

No one is above mistakes. But some errors are so severe and are only better imagined. For instance, anyone who in an attempt to escape traffic at close of business, fails to remember to shut down his/her workstation and put out the air-conditioner in the office, is capable of blowing up a whole facility and is not fit in the oil and gas industry, where safety is of paramount. This is obviously an unsafe act. Crude oil and its ‘sister’ hydrocarbon gas are highly flammable organic liquid substances, and excellent source of energy found below the Earth’s surface. Hydrocarbons are helpers if well-handled. For example, crude oil is a central part of modern life and the world’s most important energy resource. We rely on it in many ways as fuel to prepare the food we eat, generate the electricity which is distributed to our homes and in the workplace for our lightings, computer use, etc. It is also the raw material from which other important products are made, about 90 per cent of all

#WorldPoetryDay: In love with science

In Love, I fell with math The taste of it bitter on a sweet mouth.  Provoking envy in languages... Physics came to rescue; Chemistry and Biology couldn't snatch me back.. I surrendered my innocence to figures.. From Pythagoras to Newton. Archimedes won't stop floating for the joy of "Eureka"! Dalton told me all those partial "efforts" will become whole. Who is this, that split the Nucleus? Revealing a deeper world of atomic possibilities.. And then the transformation of energy. Momentum built up... I migrated from Potential to Kinematic.. From heat transfer "n" thermodynamic, I found my calling in Mechanics. Dynamic mind! .. Math integrated.. Arithmetic is a child's play... Numbers rule the mind of analyst. All part of me screamed ACTION! Then newton's third law reminded; "What you give is what you get..." Inertia set in! Destiny intervened... Engineering to rescue... All f

NIMechE Innovation Challenge 2017: Invitation to Symposium

NIMechE Moves National Headquarters to Abuja (Photos Included)

NIMechE Council Members at the Event The Nigerian Institution of |Mechanical Engineers has moved its National Headquarters from Victoria Island, Lagos to Gwarinpa, Abuja. This was disclosed bt the General Secretary Engr Lucas Omotosho, FNIMechE, in his message to members. According to him the secretariat effectively moved "from Lagos to ABUJA, February last month." and all "transactions will henceforth be done from Abuja while the Lagos office is maintained as Liaison office." Members are encouraged to pay a visit to the secretariat between 8,00am and 5pm (Monday to friday) at: Former NSE Secretariat, 10, Damaturu Close, Opposite Domino's Pizza, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa,FCT, Abuja. Contact person: Agnes Adeba A. Assistant Manager : In this same light, all transactions are now to be conducted at the Abuja Secretariat while Lagos office will serve as liaison office. The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) was f


GOODWILL MESSAGE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE NIGERIAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS AT THE LAUNCH OF THE BOOK TITLED “NIGERIA MACHINE TOOLS, LOST OPPORTUNITY AND PROSPECTS” AUTHORED BY ENGR. M. B. IBITOLU, FNSE, WHICH CEREMONY HELD ON SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2017, IN OSOGBO Protocol Ladies and Gentlemen I am delighted to be here today to be part of this auspicious event being the launch of the book titled, “Nigeria Machine Tools Lost Opportunity and the Prospects”, authored by Engr.M. B. Ibitolu our distinguished Fellow.   Ibitolu is a proven Engineer of high repute, we are most elated that he has continually put all his knowledge and experience to the advancement and in the drive for the growth of our profession. We sincerely appreciate you for your scholarly activities and by your continuous mentorship of the Young Engineers Future Leaders (YEFL) over the years.  Engineering capability is key to rejuvenating the economy of any nation by the technological advancement it provoke

Will Robots take our rights, our jobs and our dignity?

With fears of automation-induced mass employment growing we need to act now to shape a robotic future that works for us and not against us write Prof Noel Sharkey and Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe  Barb the builder whistled on her way to work today. Her new exoskeleton suit has arrived and her back will be saved from lifting and laying bricks to build houses. But the happy mood took a nose-dive when she read about Hadrian X in the newspaper. It’s a new bricklaying robot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour. It could build a house in 2 days that would take Barb and her team 6 weeks. ‘How can we compete with that’, she thought. And Barb is not the only one who should be worried about robots taking her job. There has been a rapid upsurge in the number of robotic applications planned to replace human workers. Robots have been operating in factories since the 1950s but now they have moved outside into the service industry to serve food and drinks, to make burgers and pizzas faster tha

How can Nigeria reach its full potential? by Ademola Adenle

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari must make science and technology a priority if the populous West African country hopes to flex its economic muscle. Buhari can achieve these goals by expanding the country’s economy and making it more globally competitive. An important step is to address the damage done to Nigerian science, technology and innovation. There is cause for celebration in some areas. Nigeria is ranked among the 20 strongest economies in the world and has the largest gross domestic product (GDP) in Africa. But it won’t progress if it doesn’t urgently invest substantial resources in key sectors. These include its agriculture, transport, health, engineering, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and manufacturing sectors. Nigeria has gone backwards at a time when countries like China and South Korea have been able to make great strides in science, technology and innovation while at the same time growing their economies. Lost ground Nigeria has investe

NIMechE Abuja chapter constitutes standing committees, launched Stickers

The Executive Committee members of NIMechE Abuja chapter had unveiled its first edition of the Chapter's sticker "Proudly Mechanical ENgineers" in their last General meeting and technical session in Abuja. This was disclosed by the chapter Chairman, Engr Francis Azuka. Also, at the event in Abuja, the Chapter Chairman Engr. F. I. Azuka, MNSE, NIMEchE ,inaugurates Seven Standing Committees and presented TOR to committee Chairmen. NSE Vice President, Engr. Joseph Akinteye, who was at the event presented Certificate to Tecnical Paper Presenter,Engr. Emmanuel John, Director,  Administration and Strategy Transportation Initiative after the impressive presentation titled: "Urban Mobility Challenge: An Engineering Perspective To Non-Motorized Transportation In Abuja." As with the tradition, new members were ushered into the chapter by the The Vice Chairman, Engr.Peter Igbiankobo Ityavger. New members were encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities

Celebrating Engr Ajibola Alade, Past President of Nigerian Society of Engineers at 70

Last weekend, 5th March 2017 at Ibadan, Oyo State Capital, the Nigerian Society of Engineers, and other professionals joined others in celebrating one of its Past President, Engr Olumuyiwa Alade Ajibola, a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, (NSE), Nigerian Academy of Engineering, (NAE),  , the Agba-Akin of Ile-Ife, as he marks his 70th birthday. The events which was held at the Oba Akinyele Memorial Anglican Church, Iwo Road and Jogor Centre, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State attracted a host of dignitaries from engineering, who came to celebrate one of the shinning stars of Nigerian Engineering.  The NSE Presid ent, Engr Otis Oliver Tabugbo Anyaeji FNSE, FAEng, was represented by a National Exco Member, Engr Ibitoye Kilomodemo FNSE. The NSE Past Presidents; Engr Ife Akintunde FNSE (1987-1988), Engr I.K. Inuwa FNSE (1989 1990), Engr Dr F. A. Shonubi FNSE (1991-1992), and Engr Dr Olusegun Ajayi FNSE (1995) and his wife were in attendance to felicitate with their Colleagu