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Good house keeping should be maintained at all situations.
Safety hemlets, shoes, belts should be given to the workers to avoid the causes of injuries
Do not interfere with fire fighting equipment and electrical circuits
Proper labour shed has to be provided to the labour
Proper ventilation, lighting facilities, drinking water and sanitary facilities should be provided to the labour
Ensures Implementation of law of the land with respect to safety and health.
Create safety organization with Health and First aid facilities.
Adequate budget.
Standard, quality & timely supply of personnel protective equipment.
Neat based and adequate safety auditing and training to site management team & others
Organization for house keeping and deployment of qualified P& M person.
Incident and injury free work place.
Safety promotional activities.
Availability of recognized health care center.
Adequate provision of fire prevention systems.
No child labour.
No smoking.
Appropriate badges for identification of JMC staffs, contractors and others.

Formation of safety committee.
Workers will be covered under occupation accident policy.
Monitoring of implementation


Before commencing any work on site, Safety Officer is appointed who will ensure the safety measures at site
The safety measures to be adopted at the site will be the responsibilities of the Engineer executing the work
The safety officer will go for safety rounds all over the site every day and advise the concerned Supervisor regarding any unsafe act or condition and the remedial action required will be implemented.
Safety trainings will be conducted to all workers and staff before they start their work and as well as at regular intervals.
Those records of trainings will be maintained by safety officer.


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