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This 15-Year Old Genius Boy’s Inventions Are So Good You’ll Be Amazed At How He Thinks!

While most kids his age are hankering after that one extra hour of play, he’s up all night in his lab experimenting and innovating! His hard work and passion have helped him win over 15 awards for various inventions! Let’s meet the young genius and find out what makes him tick. “I do not want to live with problems, I want to solve them,” says M.Tenith Adithyaa, a 15 year-old student who already has 17 inventions under his name that have bagged him many awards and two Guinness World Record attempts. An innovator, a professional coin collector, a software developer, a teacher, a bird tamer and a gamer, Adithyaa has a lot of achievements in his kitty and he makes sure he learns something new every day. When he was in 4th standard, he started to study Computer Applications. By now he has mastered 35 Computer Applications and 6 Languages! An eleventh grader, Adithyaa spends most of his time in his lab to come up with various solutions and innovations that could help societ

India set to produce world’s largest number of engineers

While just 20% of 16 to 17 year-olds from the UK and 30% from the USA are interested in an engineering career, in India the rate is as high as 80%. The first ever global report commissioned by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering and to be made public on Monday has revealed that while just 20% of 16 to 17 year-olds from the UK and 30% from the USA are interested in an engineering career, in India the rate is as high as 80% - the highest in the world. The report will also unveil another interesting finding - India has closed the gender gap in engineering to an all-time low of 14% in 2015. Around 66% men in the world are interested in engineering while the figure stands as low as 43% for women globally. However when it comes to India, both men and women have shown great interest in engineering - the highest percentage in the world. While 85% Indian men have shown interest in engineering, the number stands at a close 79% among women in India. In comparison, 62% women

7 Reasons You Weren't Picked For the Job By JT Ripton

Job hunting is tough and getting rejected for a job you really felt right for can be devastating. There are many reasons you might not get the job and some of them are in your power to change. Consider carefully what could have caused a company to go a different route and look for a better experience next time. You’re too Smart If you are too smart or too attractive, you might not get hired for the job. Employers often look for employees who make them look good, avoiding those who will outshine them. Look nice and act professional, but tone it down if you sense insecurities in the room. Ask questions and don’t let the focus stay on you. You might be the candidate in question, but it isn’t all about you. You Aren’t a Fit Within the first four seconds of meeting you, the interviewer will likely have formed an opinion about who you are based solely off of your looks and initial mannerisms. If you aren’t deemed a fit in the office, you might not be considered – even with the h

WHO IS A BUILDER? by Daramola Olumide Dara

A Builder is an academically trained specialist and statutorily registered professional responsible for Building Production Management, Construction and Maintenance of Building for the use and protection of mankind. A builder must be a member of Nigeria institute of building (NIOB) and Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON). BUILDER’S VISION To provide Nigeria with the profession that will be responsible for the complete construction of new building, maintenance of existing building and building and appropriate construction techniques. Field of activities for builders: builders are identified as operating in the under listed field of activities Consulting in the under listed field of activities Contracting >Property development >Building education and research EMPLOYMENT OF BUILDERS Builders are employed in the following broad sectors of the Nigerian economy. >Construction companies >Private consultancy firm >Public sector i.e federal and

Yeah! Harmony 2015 is just less than 48hrs from now!!!

Hello, distinguished Engineers. Hope you do know that 2015 NICE International Civil Engineering Conference and Annual General Meeting is barely 48hrs from now. All roads lead to Ilorin for this historic event. By the way, there would be Celebration of Achievers (Fellowship Conferment) and Dinner/Award Night on Friday, 30th of October, 2015. Don't miss it!!!!

Pictures: World's first hand-woven Car made in Nigeria

World's first hand-woven Car, Nigeria: Artisan Ojo Obaniyi, who has made this car is a 40 year old man. His workshop is in Ibadan in southwest Nigeria. Don't think this car doesn't use fuel. It works like any other car. Nigerians use this fiber to make mats, baskets and other useful products. Obaniyi’s Volkswagen is more than just a vehicle now; it is a beautiful piece of art, and an innovation that has caught the admiration of many around the world. Just like his name, ‘Obaniyi’, which means ‘a king is honourable or valuable’ in Yoruba, Ojo Obaniyi’s ingenuity has brought him great respect, and his skill, is indeed valuable. “I wanted to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make positive changes in society,” Obaniyi said. Point, proven.

NITEL Rehabilitation To Gulp $1.2bn

The new owners of the national telecom carrier, NITEL, has revealed plans to pump over $1.2 billion in rehabilitating the moribund first national operator. The sum, according to the company, would be spread across different operations like fixed, mobile networks, Sat3 and other services. The company said the face lift, which will begin with the launch of its services soonest, was to reassure Nigerians that it was prepared to make a complete difference from the several buyers who had bought NITEL but faced difficulties of even taking off. Director External Affairs of the company, Mr. Osondu Nwokoro, who made the revelations exclusively to Vanguard yesterday, also highlighted why former acquisitions of NITEL ran into murky waters. He said: “In the previous transactions, the major point of dissonance was around the payment of the price that was determined by Bureau of Public Enterprises, BPE, for the sale of NITEL. “ In this instance, the transaction fee was duly paid as prescri

COREN Tasks Engineers On Manufacturing Sector Revival

 The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) has urged mechanical engineers to assist the Federal Government with implementable strategies for the revival of the manufacturing sector. COREN President, Mr Kashim Ali, gave the charge during the 28th National Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) on Thursday in Abuja. The theme of 2015 NIMechE National Conference is “The Role of the Mechanical Engineers in the Revitalisation of the Manufacturing Sector”. Ali said that the COREN would forward practical solutions generated from the conference to the Federal Government to assist its effort to revitalize the manufacturing sector. “I want you (mechanical engineers) to assume that you are responsible for the downfall of the manufacturing sector. So, begin to interrogate yourselves, now. Assume you did it, so that we can make progress moving forward. “This is because the mood of the nation now is the

Speech Delivered by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola at 2015 International Conference and Exhibition on Power and Telecomunication

SPEECH BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF OSUN, OGBENI RAUF AREGBESOLA, AS THE CHIEF HOST AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AND 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION ON POWER AND TELECOMMUNICATION (ICEPT 2015) OF THE NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS (NIEEE) HELD AT THE LEISURE SPRINGS HOTEL, OSOGBO ON OCTOBER 13, 2015 Protocols, I must thank the executive committee and members of the Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE) for the kind invitation to attend your Annual General Meeting and 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Power and Telecommunication (ICEPT 2015). Theme: “Power and Communications: New Frontiers for Investment”". I must thank you also for choosing our dear state as the venue of your meeting. It is a wise choice. Osun provides the serenity and ambience necessary for a successful brainstorming, a peaceful environment that provides an escape from the bedlam of other urban centres. Even natur


MESSAGE OF APPRECIATION FROM THE ELECTED NIMechE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR THE 2015/2016 PROFESSIONAL YEAR. On behalf of the newly elected National Officials in the just concluded 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) held in Abuja on the 23rd October, 2015, I wish to use this medium to convey our profound gratitude to God Almighty for his grace and mercies on the successful conduct of the AGM and conference. I must congratulate, the National Chairman of NIMechE, Engr. Prof. Adisa A. Bello, FNSE, FNIMechE., and his indefatigable team of National Officers for their commendable leadership, and successful hosting of the AGM and Conference this year. The success of this event also brings to mind the hard work and hospitality of the host Chapter-The NIMechE, Abuja Chapter. For this, I also felicitate with, the Chapter Chairman, Engr. Aderemi Adegbola, MNSE, MNIMechE and entire members of the ‘Centre of Unity’ C


Good morning to all the Engineers in the house.I want to stir our mind up and challenge us.There are numerous problems facing our country ranging from power,road,transport,water and food insecurity.While we cry out concerning what and what the government should or rather must do for us. WHAT CAN WE DO FOR THE SOCIETY? Many of us studied different engineering courses.Have you thought of doing something to create employment? have you thought of establishing small business to render services? why cant you go into Agriculture (livestock or food crops)? why cant you research on other various forms of alternative energy to come up with a solution? Why cant you design a structure that will enhance the city and sell the idea? Why cant you think within and come up with a solution to a problem within your location or even the nation at large. What Nigeria needs now is innovation,fresh ideas,creativity and a willing mind to work. Most of those men and women we see out there don

What does the future hold for the Nigerian Engineer? Ali Rabiu (Cigarin Lafia)

  The problems of the Nigerian Engineer; The Nigerian Engineer has obvious limitations.  A good number, self created. An average Nigerian Engineer is not a good mixer.  He fails to know that the whole of creation is inter-dependent and that synergy has tremendous potentials.  Self – centredness and greed are a serious limitation. The average Nigerian Engineer does not believe in knowledge enhancement.  They don’t want to have anything to do with management, accountancy, public relations, human resource development etc. forgetting one who fails to be diverse, is highly restricted.  On the other hand, because of his operating environment that limits him, he tends to limit himself.  Because there is no government work, the world must come to an end; when as a matter of fact, education is about exposure and engineering in particular, is the cornerstone of creation.  Look around and create opportunities for yourself. Influx of Chinese , other Asians and Arabs Nigeria drive

A Nigerian Ebola Doctor Could Be The First Black African To Go To Space

No black African has ever been in space but that could change soon. Freeman Osonuga, a Nigerian doctor, recognized for his work as an Ebola volunteer, has been shortlisted as one of three young leaders to win an all-expense paid trip to space organized by London-based talent agency Kruger Cowne in partnership with One Young World and Xcor Space Expeditions. The plan is to send the selected leader to space putting this person in the global spotlight to help lead and promote issues of global importance. The trip, which can cost up to $100,000 and is scheduled for 2016 will last for about one hour and before the trip, the winner will undergo G-Force training in the Netherlands to prepare them for their experience outside Earth. Should he be selected, the space trip will cap off a whirlwind couple of months for Osonuga who recently completed a six-month long humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone as part of the AU’s Ebola Response Team for which he was a recipient of a Meritorious Ser


UPDATE ON REGISTRABLE QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE ENGINEERS CADRE Dear Member, I write to update you to convey the addition of some qualifications for registration as Engineers. This is as approved by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, at its 144th Ordinary Council meeting of December, 2014. They are qualifications in Technical Education listed as follows: (i) Holders of B. Sc (Technical Education) or B. Tech. (Technical Education) who have obtained Postgraduate Diploma in the relevant Engineering programme are now registrable as Engineers. (ii) Holders of B. Ed (Technical Education) are NOT eligible for consideration as their fundamental courses are engineering deficient. (iii) Please note the difference between (i) and (ii) above as only B. Sc (Technical Education) or B. Tech. (Technical Education) are acceptable. Kindly treat as appropriate. In the meantime, kindly accept the usual assurances of the Registrar's highest esteem. Engr. M

Ethiopia's industrialisation spells crisis for Kenya's Turkana - HRW

Industrial projects along Ethiopia's Omo River could dry up Kenya's Lake Turkana and create a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe exacerbated by climate change, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday. Turkana, the world's largest desert lake, lies in Kenya's northwest corner, on the border with Ethiopia, and gets 90 percent of its water from the Omo River. Ethiopia is one of Africa's fastest-growing economies and has the potential to generate 45,000 megawatts of hydropower by tapping the rivers that cascade through its highlands. It is pushing to become a top energy exporter and manufacturing hub. Large-scale industrialisation of the Omo, including the Gibe 3 hydroelectric dam, which began power production this month, and a planned 2,000-square-km irrigated sugar plantation downstream, could siphon off water from Turkana and wipe out fish stocks. "Lake Turkana is in danger of disappearing, and the health and livelihood of the indigenous peoples o

Invitation to Inauguration of NSE Otta Branch

Invitation to 2015 NIMechE International Conference in Abuja

Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE develop infrastructure deficit scorecard

Deputy President, Engr Otis Anyaeji and The President, Engr Isaac Olorunfemi THE Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) would unveil a comprehensive report on the factors inhibiting the development plan of Nigeria soon, its President, Ademola Olorunfewmi has disclosed. The NSE boss, who stated this in Abuja at the 2015 October lecture of the Society, said the report would be released next month (November) during the NSE national engineering conference. Olorunfemi explained that the an infrastructure scorecard is a veritable tool for designing nation’s developmental framework as well as a tool for comparative assessment of performance of infrastructure delivery which does not exist in Nigeria. He added: “NSE is set to deliver the first National Infrastructure scorecard for the country. In 2014, we set up a high level Expert Group on the development of the maiden scorecard. Reports on some critical infrastructure such as power, communications, oil and gas among other infrastructur

Codes and Standards: An Approach to Globalising the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry- Engr Seun Faluyi

Introduction A standard consists of technical definitions and guidelines that function as instructions for designers and manufacturers as well as operators and users of equipment. A code is a standard that has been adopted by one or more governmental bodies and is enforceable by law. A standard tends be a more detailed elaboration, the nuts and bolts of meeting a code. One way of looking at the differences between codes and standards is that a code tells you what you need to do, and a standard tells you how to do it. A code may say that a building must have a fire-alarm system. TThe standard will spell out what kind of system and how it must work. Professional organizations globally recognize the importance of Codes and Standards and hence devoted significant amount of time into development of Codes and Standards. A case student is American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Codes and Standards for Nigeria Nigeria has been lacking in development of Codes and Standards eve